Course Description

Thinking of starting a freight broker business for general freight and/or household goods? This mini-course will give you the steps it takes to become an active broker.

Become familiar with the rules and regulations governed by the 49 CFR Part 371. It's quick to go through and will have a better understanding of how the application process and permits work with the government.

It is illegal to operate as a freight broker without authorization from the FMCSA.  

Find out what is required and the timeline expected in this free mini-course.

Online Instructor

Penni Royston

Penni Royston is the owner of Evilsizor Process Servers Inc and founder of DOT-Shield and Miles of Training. She has been married to her high-school sweetheart for 38 years, has 3 beautiful daughters and 2 fun-loving grandchildren. She has over 33 years of transportation compliance experience. She is an expert in fuel tax reporting, FMCSA & USDOT account compliance and can fix virtually any issue that arises with the MC or USDOT accounts. Penni realizes that the trucking industry is full of red-tape in so many different areas. It is her focus to help new carriers better understand and apply the government requirements with less stress. Providing the right tools in an easy to learn manner is her mission.In Penni's spare time she loves to live a healthy lifestyle, bike and hike in the beautiful Rocky Mountains. She is also a certified natural foods chef, culinary nutrition expert and candle maker.

Course curriculum

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    • Welcome Message From Penni

    • About Penni

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  • 2

    [VIDEO] Steps to Become a New Broker

    • Steps to Become a New Broker

    • VIDEO: Broker Authority Starts Here

    • PDF: Broker Authority Starts Here Brochure

  • 3

    Begin Here

    • Form Your Company

    • FMCSA Application

    • FMCSA Application Timeline

    • Filing the BOC-3

    • File your Bond

    • UCR Agreement

  • 4

    Rules & Regulations

    • MAP 21 Ruling


    • Small Entity Compliance Guide for Broker Operations

  • 5

    Annual Responsibilities

    • How To Remain Active With The FMCSA

  • 6

    Learn & Grow Your Business

    • Finding Loads

    • Get Paid Quickly!

  • 7

    Additional Resources

    • Broker - Carrier Agreement

    • From Personal Experience

    • Helpful Resources

  • 8

    Ready to Apply for your Brokerage?

    • Apply here to get started!